We offer high quality office equipment and wide range of office automation machine in India. Our goal is to provide the best Kavinstar brands, products and equipment models for corporate, ensuring high quality machine in India. - arun automation


Products we offer

- Office Paper Shredder Machine

- Heavy Duty Commercial & Industrial Paper Shredder

- Loose Note Counting Machine

- Bundle Note Counting Machine

- Fake Note Detector

- Note Strapping /Bundling Machine

- Paper Cutter Machine

- Document Lamination Machine

- Spiral, Comb, Wiro, Thermal & Velo /Sure Binding Machine

- Binding & Laminating Consumable Items


Service we offer

- Wholesaler & Distributor of Paper Shredders, Bill Counters, Fake Note Detectors, Paper Cutters, Binding Machine, Lamination Machine, Binding & Lamination Machine Materials.

- Repairing, Maintenance and Updating Service for all kind Shredders, Laminators, Note Counting Machines etc.

- Manufacturing of Customize items like Heavy Duty Shredders, Spiral Binding Machine, Bundle Note Counting Machine, Fake Note Detector etc.

- Providing Spare Parts for Paper Shredders, Note Counting Machine, Paper Cutters etc.

About Us


Arun Automation has achieved a high position in Office & Banking Automation business through its exceptional technical qualities and service. We have an experienced Sales & Technical team who will guide and help you to make sure you get the best product as your requirements. You can always expect best products and service from us. We know that by selling a product doesn't end the business relationship with a customer, giving service is the main thing that a customer wants. It is our obligation and responsibility to make sure you get the best service of our products.

We, Arun Automation being a quality oriented company our main integrity is to serve the high-end quality products to you. We have the wide range of Office & Banking Automation Products that will suit your requirements including Note Counting Machine, Loose Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detection Technology, Bundle Note Counting Machine in Floor Top and Desktop Model, Value Counting Machine, Paper Shredding Machine, Laminating Machine, Paper Document Cutting Machine, Document Binding Machine Like Spiral, Comb, Wiro, Thermal and its Consumables Items which are widely appreciated for it's financial and working benefits. We strictly maintain recent and updated technology and firmware in our products. All our products are strictly manufactured and designed as per rules and guidelines issued by RBI.

We are dealer & supplier of all kind of Loose Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector, Manual Fake Note Detector, Bundle Note Counting Machine Floor Type & Desktop, Paper Shredders, Paper Cutters, Document Binding Machine, Document Laminator, and more.



At Arun Automation, our goal is to provide only the best brands, products and office equipment models for corporate and other commercial settings, ensuring high quality output, good value and fast return of investments. This website has been made to ensure that customers can experience a comfortable and convenient shopping experience with added knowledge and awareness about all office supply options that they can take advantage of through our website. We also aim to ensure good customer relations and at the same time, low prices for the best quality.


Arun Automation has been in the business of selling high quality office equipment and accessories for many years. A trading company, we have receptive knowledge of available products, brands and tools available from across the world. We bring only the best products we discovered and present them to you through our website. Through our many years in the business, we have been blessed to be one of the exclusive distributors of the Kavinstar brand, a notable company that provides a vast array of equipment from binding machines, cutting tools and others.


Arunautomation.in is at the top of its game across the region, offering exclusive Kavinstar products and other brands as well as office accessories. With the help from our dedicated technical and customer service teams, we are able to operate the website, ensuring that our customers can get the most convenient shopping experience. our website was designed to adapt to the ever-changing standards of effective e-commerce standard while our customer service representatives are knowledgeable, courteous and reliable, able to provide information, and insightful tips to help customers make better judgments when shopping throughout the site.


A competitive global player, Arun Automation aims to provide the best products for automation and business improvement at a price that our clients cannot overlook. We offer low prices for our products. We do our best to ensure that our prices are competitive across the changing market. if you find a similar product or the same product as ours in a lower price, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to beat and match those prices please contact us for more details and we are sure you will be satisfied with our bids.


Beyond the sale, Arunautomation.in does not stop providing high quality services to our loyal customers. We pride ourselves of top-notch in-house customer service trained to handle any issues and concerns of our clients. We make sure that any problem or issue will be addressed effectively and that your business will continue running no matter what.

An industry leader for e-commerce in India, Arun Automation is ready to serve you with all your Office Automation requirements for high quality office accessories and devices to make work simpler and productivity much higher. Through our several years of experience, top notch teams and support systems and our dedication to provide top quality office automation products and accessories, we welcome you to our website and we hope that we can offer the best service to match your needs.


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