15 Sheets Cross-Cut of Paper Shredding Machine - CC-15

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Model: CC-15

Available in 2  Color Silver & White
Entry Width : 230 mm
Shred Type: Cross Cut
​Sheet Capacity : 15 Sheets (A/4, 70 GSM)
​Bin Capacity : 23 ltr.

Shred Size : 3 x 30 mm
Weight (Approx.) : 14 Kg.
Dimensions in mm : 396 x 313 x 598 mm
Security Measures : Thermal Shutdown on Over Heating
Item Shred  : Cross-Cut for Paper,  Strip-Cut for CD-DVD & Cr. Card 

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Multi User

Office Paper Shredder - Must for every organization, so that you are in a good habit of shredding unwanted documents, instead of tearing them (as the torn papers could be fatal, as they can be joined again to see the contents) and not getting in trouble at any given time 

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Security Level: Din P-4 (Cross Cut)


  • Impeccable functional efficiency: The capacity rates and speed are among some of the highest in the industry.
  • Reliable: The construction quality and material used is solid enough to survive daily high-volume usage.
  • Comprehensive warranty package: The package allows 1 years for the machine and the actual cutter. The warranty is more than reasonable to eliminate any insecurities regarding products quality.
  • Low noise level: The machine can be used in an office environment without causing serious distractions.

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