25 Sheets Cross-Cut of Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine - OfficeDesk K-25

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Model: OfficeDesk K25

Entry Width : 230 mm
Shred Type: Cross Cut
​Sheet Capacity : 25 Sheets (A/4, 70 GSM)
​Bin Capacity : 30 ltr.
Shred Size : 4 x 40 mm
Weight (Approx.) : 23 Kg.
Dimensions in mm : 390 x 330 x 660 mm
Security Measures : Thermal Shutdown on Over Heating
Item Shred  : Cross-Cut for Paper,  Strip-Cut for CD-DVD & Cr. Card 

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Departmental Use

 Security Level: Din P-3 (Cross Cut) 

Paper Shredder Machine

PROS (What you liked in this shredder)


  • High efficiency & Capacity : The machine allows for high volume shredding in a short period of time thus making it ideal for both medium and heavy duty shredding.
  • Durable: It features a solid build and functional quality, making it one of the most reliable machines as evidenced by numerous customer reviews.
  • User-friendly: It incorporates easy-to-use and a range of automatic controls for a seamless user experience.
  • High-level security grade: The security rating makes it appropriate for use in highly confidential documents. 
  • Low noise level: The machine can be used in an office environment without causing serious distractions.

Paper Shredder Machine Shop in Delhi

Full Video Demonstration of Kavinstar Paper Shredder Machine OfficeDesk-K25

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